Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Shade stories after a long break!

Hi there people- wow, I really took a long blog break after returning from vacation.  We've been hard at work, however, and I'm going to ease back in slowly with some of the wonderful shades we've made for Monica Plotka.

This casement fabric is lined with poly voile.  I prefer some sort of lining with even the sheerest shades, because a lining gives another layer of fabric for the thread to hold onto, thus reducing the stress on the face fabric.  And even voile adds a bit of privacy.
 I love using Dofix translucent buckram in the hem. 
The trim was "basted" on with Dofix, then hand-sewn.  I did not think that the fabric could support without distortion the weight of the glass bead trim without actual stitching that went through all the layers.
This little powder room silk shade is lined with a poly-cotton semi-sheer.
This heavy glass bead trim was hand-sewn- the tape portion of the trim is barely 1/4" wide.
Translucent buckram is used in this bottom hem.   I love how neat it is!
We put plenty of fabric into the bottom of this silk relaxed roman to make it nice and full even when lowered. 
The lace on the bottom is a fashion trim.   It was carefully hand-sewn right to the very edge of the fabric.
We often think of interlining silk, but the poly-cotton semi-sheer lining allows the light to filter through, casting a warm glow, and revealing the fabric grain.  The delicate lace trim is beautiful with the light behind it.

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