Friday, August 26, 2016

Silk and jute sheer shade

I've worked with this silk and jute fabric before and it is always a pleasure. 
Designer Monica Plotka shares my love of twill tape binding and we've used it to bind this fabric which really cannot be hemmed.  This shade is lined with voile.
When working with sheer fabric, my first step is to pull a thread so I can cut along the grainline.
I basted the voile around the perimeter of the silk, both cut to the exact finished size.
Before finishing the edges, I sewed the clear rings to the shade.  This stabilized the layers further.
To apply the twill tape, I started with the bottom edge, on the back.  I nestled it up next to a row of jute and basted it in place.
Then I flipped the bottom up and hand-sewed the right side, making sure that the twill tape was caught on the back as well.
I turned the corners and started working the miters into place.
After securing securing the corners on the back, I folded the twill tape to the front and pinned it.
I finished hand-sewing the tape from the front side, catching both sides with one row of stitching, and ladder-stitched those pesky mitered corners.
For the weight bar pocket, I used a piece of translucent buckram, folded in half and stitched, and inserted a piece of 1/2" acrylic rodding, which was nearly invisible from the front.


  1. Debbie, this is beautiful, what a creation for sure!! In this last picture did you do a crochet stitch at the ring to create the lift cord? I'm intrigued by the cord attached at the ring and how that was done. Could you explain? Thanks, Sue

    1. Thanks, Sue! The knot is just a knot- left over right, right over left, six times. I see what you mean, it looks crocheted- bit it isn't!