Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The best of both worlds

I love that these days, workrooms have a multitude of tools to choose from when fabricating, ranging from time-saving techniques and products to intensive, slow handwork.  I assess the fabric and product and use what I believe will yield the best results.
For two shades last week, I chose to use methods from both ends of the spectrum: hand-sewing, and Döfix adhesive.  (This shade, smaller than 2' x 3', is hanging in my back hallway in front of some draped chain weight I was using to help develop "droop" statistics for my Relaxed Roman shade class!)
To start off, I hemmed the side borders by hand.  I knew I was going to apply the trim with Döfix at the end, and I wanted everything to be secured as well as possible before turning the shade over, and in my opinion fusing the side borders would not give enough stability to flip the shade later.  I prepared the bottom hem according to my usual method, with fusible buckram and weight bar tube from Rowley, but did not finish the bottom at this stage.
I sewed all the rings, except for the bottom row, making sure that the edge rows would not interfere with the trim placement.
At the bottom, I basted the hemline.
At the top, I basted the board line, and cut out the bulk where the hem goes up over the board.
I measured and cut all the trim lengths and applied Döfix tape to the wrong side.
With the side hems hand-sewn, the top and bottom basted, and the body of the shades secured with rings, I felt the shade was stable enough to flip it over for the trim application.  I opened up the bottom hem so the trim could be applied to the full length.  A long straightedge provided a line for laying down the trim.
I carefully "zapped" the trim with barely any steam, just enough to sort of steam-baste it into place.
Then to really fuse it to the fabric, I used a pressing cloth (a strip of interlining) to protect the fabric from the steam.
The only steps remaining were to finish the bottom rings.......
...and insert the weight bar and finish sewing the sides to the bottom (which I forgot to photograph!)

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