Friday, June 30, 2017

Making friends with my blindhemmer

I've grown accustomed to doing a lot of sewing by hand.  I love the look, and I love the process.  Most of all I love how hand-sewing eliminates the stress of stitching on fabric created by machines.  Hand-stitching becomes a part of the product, while machine-stitching is something done to the product.
But there is a time and place for machine blindhemming, and not all budgets can accommodate hand-hemming.
Unfortunately, I've been estranged from my US Blindstitch machine for a few years.  It has sat, forlorn and dusty, in a prominent spot in my workroom, silently reproaching me, and I suspect accusing me of elitism.
Along came this fabric, and an order for draperies.  With its cheerful, easy-going nature, it served as a liaison between me and my blindhemmer, helping to repair our damaged relationship.  My USB breezed through the bottom hems with nary a miss or snag to the front.
The side hems sewed up equally easily. 
The first and  last 4" are still ladder-stitched by hand. 
With a 7" horzontal repeat, the header was pleated to every-other-pattern, alternating light and dark.
An adjacent window will be treated with a roman shade..............
 .....also pleated to pattern, with a 7.5" vertical repeat.
This was a very satisfying and productive project, and I'm looking forward to working more with my lovely US Blindstitch machine!


  1. Love the combination of the trim and the fabric!!

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