Thursday, May 17, 2018

Fitted valance with cutout

Following up from yesterday's post about the 13' one-way 175" long ripplefold panel for Crosstown Shade and Glass- that valance!
The tricky part of a 13' valance, inside mount with a fitted cutout, isn't actually the fabrication.
 It's making sure that it will fit when it gets to the installation site.
We worked closely with Jeff from Crosstown Shade and Glass, discussing every detail, to ensure that installation would go smoothly.
The basic fabrication was simple.  The valance was self-lined and interlined.  If you remember from yesterday, the fabric is a lightweight 100% linen.  To keep control of the fabric while stapling, we basted across the top at the board line.  And instead of moving the pressed valance to the sewing machine, we just ladder-stitched the sides closed by hand.
At the cutout end, we marked the board line and basted.
The excess was cut away and the fabric snipped down to the board line at the pleat.....
And at the cutout corner.
The corner was also staystitched with small backstitches to keep it from stretching out of shape.
The face fabric was folded back and the interlining was basted to the back of the valance then trimmed away.
The board was assembled, and the corners reinforced with angle irons, which Jeff could remove at the installation.
Stapling the valance was a breeze.  We added top welting to disguise any possible irregularities in the ceiling line.
NEXT UP..... that gigantic shaped tieback looks simple, which was the goal, but fabrication was anything but!  Tune in tomorrow......

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