Friday, May 25, 2018


The workroom's key to managing a large volume of projects at once is organization.
When possible, I like to cut and prep as much like work together, even if it's for different orders, if they're due around the same time.
The other day we set out to cut linings for about 31 widths of drapery.
Since nearly everything in the workroom is on wheels or glides, John had the brilliant thought to roll the shade trusswork away from the wall......
 and re-purpose it to store the lining cuts for easy access as we work.
We prepared ahead 29 Easy Spring Plus systems and dustboards and stored them under the rolling machine.
Awhile back I saw a cool idea on one of our workroom forums- I can't remember who posted it.  She sliced large cardboard tubes for vertical storage of long items.  We pre-cut all the ribs, weight bars, and hem bars for the 29 shades and stored them in short tubes near the worktable so we can reach them easily during fabrication.  Each tube has the materials for one room's shades.
And to help keep track of cutting, we rolled the whiteboard over to the cutting table and wrote the cut lengths and checked them off as we progressed.
Back to work now!
Holiday weekend- see you next week.......

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