Friday, April 2, 2010

Unfinished Projects

How about something totally off-topic?
My friend who made the beautiful Roman shades here in my studio, back in January I think, had a few unfinished projects sitting around that she brought here the other day.
They reminded me of some of my own unfinished projects and we thought they'd make a nice change of pace for a post topic.
The top quilt is one of two she made for her twin girls, begun when they were very little.  And now they're about to graduate from college.
All that has remained to do on this one is some of the quilting and the binding.
I adore the traditional folk-art palate and feel of this quilt, especially the red suns with yellow rays. And the quilted stars in the red squares.

The 5s and 0s are squares for a quilt she began for me for my 50th birthday.  When she showed the project to people, they were horrified to think of a quilt commemorating a birthday that most of us would prefer to ignore!  So she put these squares away and they've been bundled up in a closet for 6 1/2 years. I, however, was rather proud of turning 50, more or less still intact, and would have loved that quilt and wished she'd gone with her own instincts!  It's too late to use them for 55 since that's come & gone.  Maybe I'll take them from her and finish them for her 55th.  Or maybe she'll make two small quilts for us both.
The day is coming soon when I'd look at this quilt and remember fondly when I was "only" 50!! 

The bottom picture is a quilt top that I made nearly 20 years ago- it practically takes my breath away to think 1990 is so long ago- the piecing is all done except for a border.
By my taste nowadays I still love the colors but wish it were a little less bright and I wish I'd used a little more black.  So I'm trying to decide what to do with it.
I thought of tea-dying the whole thing to dull it up, and perhaps using black thread to quilt it.
Or maybe black embroidery.
Or tie-quilt it using black and maybe tiny black buttons.
Or black applique.
Definitely black binding, and black in the border.
Or all the above.

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  1. I like those 5's and 0's! I'm in the camp that says celebrate those milestones! Your quilt is lovely and you have many what-if's brewing!