Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'll admit it, I'm cheating, this is NOT what we're working on today.
These are treatments made from the most luscious wool I've ever had the opportunity to use.  It's "Bechamel" from Rogers & Goffigon, it is rather costly, and it comes very yummy colors.  This winter white is one of the best.  It is the drapey-est imaginable fabric!  The swags look like..... well, a satiny bechamel sauce.  Or molded butter.
We have a couple of clients about to use wool or wool sheer, so I have wool on the brain.  A wooly brain.
That's my justification for slipping in these oldies today.  These pictures are SO old, they are scanned PRINT photos (gasp!).  Complete with all the original smudges.
I think these treatments were made in 2002.
The swags are made a la Merrick and Day.  The swags are constructed with a unique point-to-point technique, and virtually none of the fullness is on the board.  It's all behind the horn & jabots.  The header is a separate piece, as are the extensions of the horn and jabots.
I can't remember who makes the trim, which manages to be sophisticated and whimsical at the same time.  It reminds me of little M & M's.
The valances and draperies are all interlined, and lined with an aqua dupioni silk.  Remember all that dupioni silk from those days??
There were tiebacks but at the time of this photo they hadn't been installed yet.
In the adjacent sitting room the same fabrics and trim are used for traditional Empire valances. 
Since these treatments were made we've used various wools for top treatments, draperies, and shades.  It is, to me, the ultimate luxury window treatment fabric.

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