Tuesday, August 31, 2010

French Seams

Perfect French seams are just a little labor-intensive.  They require two stitching lines, and up to five pressings.  Usually the first stitch is serged: that keeps little loose threads from going astray making it easier to do the second stitch line really close and narrow.  Depending on how easy or difficult the fabric is to manipulate, it may need pressing each time from each side.  But the results are worth it, especially with sheers like this where the seam needs to be a beautiful feature, not a necessary evil.

A neat, trim French seam always gives me a little thrill.  
After the seam is serged, wrong sides together, the seam is pressed to one side, then flipped over and pressed flat again.
Then it's folded over, so now right sides are together, and pressed yet again.
It's sewn as close as possible to the serging, and then goes back to the table for pressing from the wrong side and then once more from the right side.

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