Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Totally off-topic: Koos

I parked on Madison Ave the other day and, to my immense delight, practically in front of these garments in the window of Koos.

They are totally unrelated to window treatments, but this is all about fabric and fabrication and totally related to my personal aesthetic of scrap-collecting, patchworking, vintage, repurposing, green, funk, punk, and mixed-up riotous gorgeous prints.

Not that I actually dress that way.  Who knows what I would wear if I had the time to sew my clothes myself!  (My unfortunate sartorial reality is jeans, tank top, and running shoes....)

(no, I don't run, either)

So today I was in the neighborhood and walked up to have another look.

The owner was there and as I browsed through one gorgeous garment after another, she graciously walked me through the store pointing out wonderful fabrics, fabrication techniques, and embellishments.

Though I readily proclaimed that I could not afford to buy anything there, she was so lovely and suggested I stop in again next time I'm in the area because new styles come in often.

I think I will, this place is full of inspiration!

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