Thursday, August 26, 2010

To Make Smiles

I loved this fabric so much, I hoarded it for more than 20 years!

It's been an unsettling week.  I feel a need for nourishment, sustenance, grounding. These treatments are re-runs, some of them have been on the blog before, but today I want to group them here because they are very personal- treatments I've made for myself and family- and they make me happy and they make me smile.  They have mostly been made from scraps or leftovers or fabrics long hoarded.  The sort of things that don't exactly fit in a professional portfolio!- but are a reflection of my own dreams of home.
Wrinkly but happy in its home, like some of us
Another hoarded star fabric, with scraps of sheers and beads, for the dream-catcher bedroom
Made out of scraps and bits and pieces, the smiliest window treatment I've ever made!
She's nearly 17 now, but my niece had just turned 14 when I made this for her entirely out of bits & pieces to go with her turquoise sheers


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