Thursday, December 30, 2010

Favorites from my vintage stash

Today, the penultimate day of another year nearly spent, the waning solstice moon hanging mid-sky at dawn, and now a cold and bright December afternoon, today seemed like a good day to post pictures of a few items from my vintage fabric collection.  

Especially now near the winter solstice I think of the lineage of women, stretching back from us to our grandmothers back to olden historical times, then further back through ancient history and pre-history, women sitting at their work by a fire during the dark and cold months, preparing beautiful things to bring delight to mundane needs and tasks.

To me, these flea market textiles are treasured relics, records of the dreams of the women whose hands created them, links to the ones who went before. 

At one recent flea market a vendor gave me a whole big box of embroidered household linens for $20, because she didn't want to go to the trouble of sorting, laundering, and labeling everything for sale.  Joy! 
My all-time favorite flea market find, this pillowcase is a mystery to me- the pink and black rays are printed, not pieced.

The taffeta face was backed with homespun before embroidering.

Who thought of this?  and Why?

Here are a few of my favorite hand-embroidered table linens- tablecloths, runners, doilies, scarves,  napkins:

I haven't figured out yet why this piece captivates me so.

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