Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow day!

We're digging ourselves out of the blizzard/nor'easter! 
I doubt that I'll go to the studio today, but I had the presence of mind to bring my work computer home with me before Christmas- so I thought I'd post a couple of things from the past few weeks that hadn't made it into the blog.
Here is a hobbled shade made with Rowley's encased cord- super-easy to use and works really well.

This is the first shade using the encased cord where I've been able to tack the casing by machine- the shade was small enough to be able to manage.  Quick and easy.

There were 3 Austrian shades in this order- two with single sections, and this double.  It's hanging over my messy-looking (though amazingly organized, honestly) shelves in the studio, and you can see the shadow of me taking the picture.

Because the fabric is sheer, I used the cord shroud made by TechStyles.  I've done a few now with the cord shroud and have gotten more proficient with it.  Every single time it has been a different type of shade- Austrian, ribbed, hobbled, flat, and relaxed- and I've had to figure out a different way to use it every single time.     

Here's a view of the back:

Instead of regular Austrian shade tape with the loop "rings" I decided to use plain translucent shirring tape, the one that does tiny little pencil pleat type shirring, and clear rings, with light tan cord shroud.   

For this sheer hobbled shade I used translucent twill tape to "hobble" the fabric, with clear rings and the light tan cord shroud.  Clear plastic ribs are unnoticeable in their pockets.

Here it is from the front:

Last but not least, this sweet gathered London valance was made from a delicious soft grey flowery cotton lace for a powder room.

The weight bar pocket was made from the selvedge, and we used grey lift cord and clear rings; the board is covered in the cutoffs with white lining behind it.   For shade-style valances we usually put on a cord lock so it can be adjustable within 6" or so.


  1. Hi Deb
    I'm wondering if you have some information on where to purchase the cord shroud from TechStyles. The kind with the monofiliment loops as shown in your photos. I tried calling them and the phone numbers were not in service. Are there suppliers that carry this item? Thank you and I really admire the work you do and how you contribute to our industry!

  2. Hi Anita- I sent you a PM on the CHF forum.

  3. Anita, that comment was from me, Deb. Don't know why it says "unknown!" and for some reason I can't get an email through to you, so I went to the forum to get in touch.