Monday, March 7, 2011

Inverted pleat curtains

Here are those adorable "June Bug" curtains, with the black and white polka-dot bottom banding.

 These photos shows how inverted pleat curtains stack up.
These were made to about 2.25x fullness, to allow enough room between pleats for them to stack.
For inverted pleat draperies that need to draw, we like to use transparent buckram because it gives fluidity to the header and allows that ripply look.
After we sew the pleat to the back, we flatten it out and "stitch in the ditch" so it's secured in the center of the pleat but the sides are left free to allow for stacking. 

Here is the back of an inverted pleat.  If the "stitch in the ditch" is done well, no stitching shows on the front.

Here's another example.  These curtains, however, have pretty small pleats to the back, probably barely 1.5x fullness.

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