Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So far this year we have had an amazing amount of "multiples" orders- a whole lot of the same shade, rather than just one or two.  Right now we're completing an order of 7 hobbled shades.  Two are 22" wide x 86" long, four are 42" wide x 67" long, and one is 118" wide x 43" long.

Here are the six smaller shades in various degrees of completion.  Everything is prepped- wood, ribs, weight bars, and Rollease clutches- now to just finish the sewing, mount, and string.

Some workrooms love multiples, others hate them.  I guess I like the fact that you can move an order along more quickly when you're making a lot out of the same fabric, but I hate the boredom that sets in after one or two are done and you still have six or seven to go.  Sometimes the boredom slows me down, like now, when I sit down at the computer.

Especially if they are all the same size, multiples allow for streamlined work techniques.  I love having my gridded canvas table for these: I draw all over it with my purple disappearing pen to indicate lines for cutting, pressing, and marking for lift line rows, so I can be sure they are all identical.

This second picture is from last week's multiple order- 8 identical flat Roman shades with blackout lining and ribs.  I ironed the fusible rib tape to the inside of the lining, 4 at a time, using a long straightedge as a guide.

No, I didn't take a picture of the final product- I had misplaced my camera.  I'll be at this house next week for a second wave of products, and I'll take pictures then, I hope!

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  1. Are you using the Rowley encased lift cord as your spacing tape for hobbled shades? Do you pre-shrink the encased lift cord so the spacing doesn't change? I have a sample "non-compliant" flat backed hobbled shade made with Kwik Affix thread thru lining and was going to re-make it with the encased lift cord.....good idea?