Saturday, March 5, 2011

Living on the Edge of the Learning Curve

It's something new every day, lately.
This past week, we assembled our first "VersaRail" headrails from Rollease.  This miniaturized traversing clutch system fits into a 1" headrail, ideal for inside mounts with limited space, or doors.  The three shades in this order are inside mounted.

Accessed from the top, the space is pretty small and we needed to use tweezers and needle-nose pliers when our fingers were just too big!
The shade is attached with velcro sewn to the back.  The short valance hides the stitching line.  I really really really don't like using velcro for shades, so in the future we will adapt these to board installations.

I do love how all the pieces are enclosed and hidden by the headrail.  From underneath, it is very neat. 

I would now like to spend a week doing small, ordinary, easy projects.  Enough of the learning curve!  It really eats up a lot of time.  Earlier in the week we made 12 shades that were strung with Rowley's EZRig system.  Although we had used it before, it's not our everyday system, so there was a lot of learning and second-guessing. 

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