Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ladder shroud and blackout lining

A number of cord shroud techniques for shades have been available for nearly a year now, and we use whichever one is most appropriate for the fabric and shade style.   
Ladder shroud is very useful with blackout lined shades because it's possible to apply little blackout "bandaids" to very effectively block light that wants to peek through the holes left from the needle where the rings are sewn.

  I have discovered that the "bandaids" are applied most easily with a hot glue gun.  They're cut about 1/4" wide by about 1" long.   They don't get in the way of the cord as the shade is raised.


  1. Beautiful there a seam? it seems so wide.

  2. Yes, there are seams- this shade was about 84" wide.

  3. Great tip on the bandaids - nice clean look. Never thought to use a glue gun to apply. Do you have to be careful of the heat on the foam layer of the blackout?

  4. Hey, Merlyn, welcome!-
    I used to struggle with fringe glue, dripping it all over myself, the shade, and the table, and then a client told me about a workroom that uses hot glue, so I tried it, and it works great. What a difference!
    No problem with the heat and the blackout, as long as it is the right side of the blackout facing out. The foam side could peel off, I suspect. Occasionally there might be a reason to use it wrong side out.
    The biggest problem is keeping from burning my klutzy fingers with the hot glue.
    Also the whole process does take a little longer than I ever think it will, but that's the story of my life.