Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Workrooms have some ambivalence about fabricating multiples of a product.  While multiples do afford the opportunity to streamline production, the boredom factor sometimes outweighs the convenience.  Folks, it's not all thrills in the workroom, every day.  Here we had 4 identical shades to make, and now they're ready to string.  These had been stack cut then fabricated one at a time.  The little striped guy we snuck in with the 4 toile shades and it was like a magic trick, done with no apparent extra effort. 

Once all the shades were on the boards, the strings were all run, stacking the next shade on top of the previous one.  With all the boards face up, first all the screw eyes were installed, then the Rollease clutches, and the cords were clipped on at the top and secured with orbs at the bottom.

Then it was just a matter of hanging each one on the Workroom Valet for leveling.

Ready to be packed up!
I think 4 of something is the perfect number to make at one time, with a bonus one-off snuck in.  It's one of the ways we workroom folk trick our minds to battle the tedium.  

This fabric behaves perfectly for shades.  One time up, down, and back up, and the folds were trained.  Nothing makes a shade look good more than an appropriate fabric choice.

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