Monday, March 12, 2012


I spend a lot of time waiting.  I always have hand-sewing with me so I can be productive while waiting.  I'll sew anywhere- doctors' offices, park benches, in the car.  And once I get home, watching baseball on TV.   My favorite thing to sew while waiting is cafe curtains- small, easy to keep folded on my lap.
Here are some recent "waiting" projects:
Sewing rings onto cafe curtains- that's my faded bluejeans- at a doctor's appointment    

Side hems and rings with ladder tape- that's the steering wheel in the background

Side hems, rings & ladder tape- actually I think this was a football game
Hems, rings, and tape for a hobbled shade- waiting for a client
My travel sewing box- a lipstick holder is perfect for pins!

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