Saturday, March 31, 2012

A little cutie

This shade is one of three for a guest suite- three different styles but all using the lime green in one way or another.  I'll do a post featuring all three, but I'm too impatient- I want to show off this little cutie, now.

The main fabric is a puckered faux silk, with a band on three sides.  For such a tiny shade, this one required a lot of contemplation- how to make a nice flat band on a puckered fabric?  I decided to topstitch it on.
First I laid out the lining, interlining, and face fabric, face fabric up.  I drew lines with my purple pen and basted just inside the line.  You know how I feel about hand-basting- it's worth every second.  There is something reassuring about basted fabric. 

The green was pressed under 1/2".   I planned to line it up against the purple pen line, but on the pucker fabric the line was too wobbly, so I re-marked with masking tape, butting it right up against a straightedge using the grid.  

You know how I feel about topstitching- when carefully done it is a beautiful detail and sometimes is the best technique for the situation.

 So I topstitched through all 3 layers with matching lime green thread.  Look at that glorious late afternoon spring sunshine!

The excess pucker fabric was cut away.

The green band wrapped around and covered the stitching line on the back.

The weight bar pocket was sewn and the trim glued to the stitching line, ending it where the designer specified.  Ta-da!  Some rings, some strings, and a cord lock- and it'll be done!

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