Monday, April 2, 2012

A Trio of Coordinating Shades

Three interlined shades, for various rooms in a guest suite, are tied together with lime green fabric and glass bead trim.  This London shade as well as the headboard feature a Thibaut print.

The lime green contrast inserts and buttons link it to the balloon shade in an adjacent area.

No,  the balloon shade is NOT all lop-sided, it's just the way it's angling back for the photo!
The ruffle shows off the bead trim, and ties it to the cute little hallway shade.  The ruffle is 3.5" deep.  The first rings start 6" above the top of the trim to be sure the trim won't be hidden by the voluminous swoops of fabric- this shade is 68" long when fully lowered.

It can be tricky putting welt on a treatment that is shirred onto the board, but in this case I leveled the top by using two layers of cardboard tacking strip- one layer under the welt, and another layer on top of the welt.  All layers were adhered with double-sided adhesive tape, and stapled only after all layers were on.

Everything is pulled together in this little hallway shade, with lime green banding and glass bead trim over a neutral, puckered faux-silk.

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