Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pillow Day

We had Pillow Day last week.  For some reason pillows come in waves.  I might go a month without a single pillow, and then accumulate orders for two dozen pillows in one week.  When that happens, I have Pillow Day.  I cut all the pillows at once, arrange them by thread color, and hold a pillow marathon.  Last week I had 26 pillows to make. 
Here are 10" x 20" pillows- the solid pillows are boxed with a 2" boxing, and the woven pattern pillows are knife-edge. 

Inserts for boxed pillows are custom-made.  For these 2" x 10" x 20" pillows I ordered inserts at 3" x 12" x 22" in 10/90 down/feather.  It looks like they'll never fit into those covers, but they do!

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