Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zipper Inventory Day

Holy cow.  Pillow orders are flying in fast.  Another Pillow Day is scheduled for next week, and today is Zipper Inventory Day.  I am dangerously low on some of the most frequently used colors, like sage green and tan.

You'd think with all these zipper colors I'd be sure to have something to match every fabric- but not so.  Now that The Zipper Lady has new colors, I must have them.  I've placed an order for 25 zipper colors, 11 of them new to me.  I'll be able to match even the weirdest greens and grays- not to mention neon orange and magenta! 

Meanwhile, here is a peek at 3 new dragon boxed pillows just waiting for grey zippers and then they can be stuffed:

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