Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hobbled shades with shaped bottom contrast fabric banding

These were fun!  For me it's always a huge challenge to figure out how to do the math for hobbled shades with any kind of trim at the bottom.  The key is to space everything so that when the shade is raised, the folds don't cover the trim. 

The very first time I did something like this, I was horrified when I raised the shade and the beautiful trim just disappeared!  I sort of have the hang of it now.   I do a mockup to double-check my numbers. 
For outside mount hobbled shades, I make a valance instead of a top fold.

Here is the big one.   The floral is an embroidered linen, the banding is a coarse-weave cotton.  I cut the shaped band and top-stitched it to the shade, then made a facing in the rose and hand-sewed it to the back.  Totally forgot about taking pictures of the fabrication.


  1. Great idea! The contrast banding adds a nice shape to the bottom to contrast the horizontal lines of the Roman folds. Nice work:)