Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mock-ups part 4: the faux roman valance

Kim Freeman's project, featured recently in several posts, included faux Roman valances over the solar shading.   After pictures of earlier faux Romans helped clarify the treatment, we sent along a mini mockup out of the actual fabric.  The fabric was a wide horizontal stripe sheer linen, so the folds alternated which section of the stripe showed.  

Tiny wood bead trim defined the lower edge, and a short flap at the top eliminates any gap between the fabric and the window.

The flat back mockup used a skinny strip of the customer's chosen fabric.  It's so tiny because we needed mockups that would fit into a pocketbook! 

A piece of fabric taped to the window helped determine the finished length.

We wanted the valance to look more like an actual shade that was pulled up, more like this- 

and less like this soft fold valance-

and not at all like this upholstered version- although all three are called "faux romans."

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