Friday, June 1, 2012

Cute Stuff

Happy Friday!  Nothing like some new custom treatments for the kids to start your weekend off right.

What do you make when you have two girls with smallish windows and one yard of beautiful silk?  Right!- shaped interlined flat valances with pleats.

The taper- one of my favorite silhouettes.  There was just enough to make an interesting divided center inverted box pleat.

The girls' adjacent linen closet was the perfect place for this two-yard Lee Jofa remnant. 

I found a scrap of trim in the workroom that did all the right things for this fabric.

Samantha's 9th birthday sleepover party will be colorful with bright new pillows.

I had fun choosing zipper colors!  Thanks to Alicia, The Zipper Lady, I have a big color collection.  With 3 turquoises in stock, I had a hard time picking the best one.

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