Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Limited Fabric Challenge

Holy cow, I forgot all about my blog!  That's how busy it's been here. 

I had another limited fabric challenge this week.   Last week's was those two cute little valances I made out of one yard of pretty striped silk. 

This week I had 10 repeats of a vintage Schumacher print, and needed to make two pretty valances for an attic guest bedroom in an old house.  There were 3 cuts for the big valance, and 2 cuts for the small one; there was not enough to cut individual sections and piece together, so I seamed the widths and cut the scalloped shaped straight across. 

I figured out how much was left in the width for the horns and had enough to gather them- I guess we could  call this a Sheffield variation. 
By cutting on a wider angle than usual I was able to cut enough bias strips for microcord at the hem.   Lip cord in a blend of greens defined the top.

Everyone agreed that these valances fit the bill perfectly- pretty and not too fussy.  There was even enough left to make a little pillow!

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