Saturday, June 9, 2012

Super-size me!

Wow, I'm exhausted!  I just sent out two really big jobs, both with beautiful but challenging fabrics, and now I'm sitting with a cup of coffee to decompress.   

This is a beautiful, soft, lush printed velvet, with a gold contrast fabric welt, for 23' of Sheffield valance in a huge bay window.  The sides of the bay are nearly 6' each, and the center is 10 1/2', so the installer wanted to staple the valance on-site, which I totally understand.  But, tacking strips are so not my thing!  To me they're a million times harder than just stapling the whole thing in the studio myself, the normal way, so I can fuss over it.  I would have hinged the boards so it would fit into a van.... oh well.  I will be worrying about the fit until I hear back that it turned out well. 

The other project was 3 button-back kick pleat valances totaling 22'.  The face fabric is a beautiful cotton print, but the contrast fabric was a blackout Apollo lining in gold.  wow.  That stuff made a simple project into a really frustrating ordeal!  But, it's all over now, so I'm just going to relax about it.   See the pretty mauve button in the corner?  The buttons made the job.

Sorry no finished product photos for this work, which took up a giant bite of my week.

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