Friday, June 22, 2012

Fab Fabric Friday: "Nightlife"

Kim Freeman's design choices are pretty nearly impeccable.  Here she has chosen "Nightlife" in colorway "Dancing Queen" by Brentano for a modern and romantic transformation of a family room.

Lined with champagne colored batiste, these draperies softened the room, muted the light, and created just enough privacy.   The other colorways are red ("Disco Inferno") and black ("Last Dance").  

This is one of the craziest fabrics I've ever worked with! 

At first I thought it was unruly and chaotic, but the more I worked with it, the easier it got.  The laser cuts are precise and since you can see through it, it was easy to line up on the table. 

No seaming of widths was necessary since it is double-wide fabric.  Each end has 8" of plain fabric.  For the bottom, to get the correct finished length, I cut off the 8" and sewed it back on then machine top-stitched the wrapped hem.  There was just enough overlap of the cutouts to get a straight line of stitching.

Talk about cutting it close!
I had to trim off 4 rows of cutouts.  The hems were the hardest part of the project- it wasn't easy to keep the fabric from buckling and twisting.
The top header was reinforced with 2" clear buckram.  Inverted pleats allowed us to use minimal fullness so the pattern could show off.   Rods are Techno-Track from Vesta.

"Euro hem" on the sheer was a great convenience!

All in all, once I got to know it, this crazy fabric was a lot of fun to work with and the job an unmitigated success. 

We left behind one very happy homeowner!

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