Monday, June 18, 2012

Grey is the new............

How do you spell "grey/gray?"  Grey is the British and UK spelling, in use since the AD700s.  Gray is the American spelling since around 1825.  I have always spelled it "grey" which I suppose reflects my reading habits- I've been steeped in 19th century British literature for years.

Anyhow, I've been seeing a whole lot of grey recently.  I guess grey is the new.......... sage?  khaki?  It's most often blended with pale natural or ivory, or sometimes more dusky naturals like sand or mink, with a pop of something hot and brilliant, like orange or mustard or fuschia.
For this client, nearly everything we made included a variation of cool grey.  The color-block silk taffeta draperies for the living room and dining room pair grey with two different shades of ivory, divided by that thoroughly modern sequined band from Samuel and Sons. 

The grey is on the lower third of the nine-foot panels, finished in ivory with two-finger top-tack pleats.

In the master bedroom, heavy Donghia silk shades are interlined with black flannel to help reduce pattern wash-out in the sun.  Everyone who saw these shades up close immediately said "Rorschach test!" 

They are spectacular.  From a greater distance the geometric pattern becomes clearer.  Hope to see post-installation pics one of these days!

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