Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More on mock-ups: part 2- the draperies

Designer Kim Freeman chose this Corragio poly/linen patterned sheer, trimmed with an elaborate blue braid, for the same NYC apartment with the wool tableskirt in the previous post. 

The entire curtain is hand-sewn, including the trim.  To keep the fullness down, we used two-finger front-tacked pinches, pleated to pattern.  3" clear buckram makes a flexible header.

Plain off-white sheer served as the lining.  The hem on the lead edges is 4" wide so the trim could be centered over the stripey part of the pattern.  It needed to be bulky enough to support the heavy trim. 
To help the homeowner visualize her future curtains, I made a hand-sewn mockup out of a similar face fabric and lined it with the sheer we'd be using, showing 5 different pleat options. 

On the back I described the style and fullness of each pleat which helped the client and designer choose.

Because the rod had to be positioned in a small space inside a curved molding, the rod was installed with the rings, then Kim hung a long strip of fabric that I had pleated ahead of time, and she marked where she wanted the hemline.

That was my mockup for the finished length!

Photo courtesy of Kim Freeman Style and Design

We don't yet have good pictures of the installed curtains, but here is Kim's iPhone shot for now.  In one of the tablecloth pictures in the previous post, you can see the curtains in the background.

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