Friday, September 14, 2012

Aaarrrggghhh more shades!

Back in Liz's shop...... I swear, I do have other projects to report!............. but I'm going to get through these display shades first.  One more post next week then we've moving on.

I do really love this little balloon shade.   With fullness at barely 1.5x the bottom silhouette is gentle and understated.  Balloon shades can have up to 3x fullness.  The more fullness, the deeper and droopier the swoops.

Liz loves her trims, and this is one of the prettiest in this collection of display shades.

After the shade was on the board I felt like the top needed a defining line.  I found this soft twist cord at Fabric Mart in Yorktown Heights.

Off-white sheers with gorgeous trims were chosen for two relaxed styles. 

London shades are really just a type of balloon shade, with a larger-than-usual center section, and tails.  This geometric sheer is lined with a white voile.

Clear square glass beads hang heavily from the orange tape and define the bottom silhouette.

The relaxed Roman is made up in a linen-cotton blend, and I'm sorry that the white-on-white applique is not so visible in these pictures.

Delicate hand-blown glass beads are works of art in themselves.

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