Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eight mitered corners... Yikes!

I'm going to keep plugging away at featuring the shades we made for my friend Liz's store.  Yes, other work has been going on!  I'll catch up to that soon.
This was the most difficult of the shades Liz ordered.  Any shade with trim on four sides is going to cause a lot of angst.  Everything must be square, but printed patterns are hardly ever printed true.  Also since there is take-up every time you sew a stitch in fabric, by the time the sewing is done, the shade might be a little shorter than you had planned.
And that's not all.  What you see there is not one trim, but two!  The yellow trim is layered over the grey ribbon.

That meant eight miters..........   a time-consuming process.
This was a scary shade.

This shade was made with ribs in pockets on the back to help keep the folds.  The layered trim makes the folds bulky so the shade looks best pulled up no more than half-way......
which is how we displayed it in the store. 

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