Monday, September 10, 2012

Scalloped bottom with grosgrain ribbon

It sure is taking me a long time to get back into the blog groove.  I think I know what it is: my desk is REALLY messy and I don't like sitting here feeling guilty about it.  So this week is Desk Week.
Meantime, before I start cleaning (ha!), I want to continue showing some of the display shades I featured two posts ago, for my friend Liz's new store.

For this shaped-bottom flat Roman, Liz chose an adorable grosgrain ribbon with little buttons.

I didn't think I could get the ribbon to go around the curves of the scallops, but by hand-sewing with teeny-tiny stitches and easing the fullness around the curves, it worked.   This is time-consuming!

After the shade was on the board it clearly needed something to define the top and balance the ribbon.  I rummaged around and found a gorgeous pink velvet that I bought at a Couton & Tout warehouse sale.  Perfect!

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