Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back to Work....

We were incredibly, incredibly, incredibly lucky with Sandy: we never lost power at home, and today we're back to the studio with power AND internet!........... we had no flooding, no trees down, no live wires, no submerged vehicles; we have electricity, heat, water, hot coffee, and home-cooked meals.

Monday morning around noon the Hudson River was at high tide: over its banks and creeping up onto the Riverfront Green.  We weren't allowed to cross the tracks so you can just see the river beyond in this photo.

By 11pm, at just before high tide, the water was up to the tracks- yes, we walked down in the wind to have a look- but too dark and rainy to take a picture.

Tuesday morning, again at high tide, we walked down and the water had receded back to about where it was in this picture. 

Anyhow, that was the worst of it, in our neck of the woods, and for some reason our power flickered only once but rallied and stayed on.

We had little rain compared to much of the storm area, so my worries about water in the studio were totally (thankfully!) unfounded.  I did get to do a lot of cleaning, though, since everything was up off the floor, so it was not a wasted effort.

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