Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hey Sandy girl

Waiting for Sandy.......

I spent Sunday afternoon prepping the studio in case it takes on water when Sandy storms in.  After a flash flood some 5 or 6 years ago, everything went into bins, onto shelves, or under the tables on pallets; but for a hurricane, that's not reassuring enough.  We put all fabrics up onto the work tables, along with the compressor, shop vac, and other electrical stuff.  I vacuumed thoroughly because it is just gross to have to clean up after a flood when the floor was full of lint, threads, string, fabric bits, you name it.  Ask me how I know. 
On the gridded table are some of my to-go bags.  I prepped a bunch of shades and draperies to take home for sewing by hand.  My work computer came home with me, and an assortment of sewing supplies.  At least I can get some work done even without electricity.  I'm assuming it'll be at least Wednesday before we have power and the roads get cleared.  
Yeah, some 5 or 6 summers ago I was working, alone in the building, on a super-hot July afternoon.  A severe storm blew across the Hudson and let loose.  Suddenly I heard a loud "crack" and the sound of the water seemed ominously different.  I ran to the back hallway door to see what was going on.  I was afraid the back wall had collapsed, but instead a wall of water was rushing from the office at the other end, past the closets and rest rooms, straight for me.  I say "wall" of water because that's what it felt like to me, but of course it was just a few inches deep.  It was, however, very wet, and rushing madly towards everything I owned, so I freaked out, slammed the door shut (silly, because the water just came underneath!), and in sheer panic started grabbing everything I could reach, throwing things haphazardly up onto the work table any old way.  What a mess.  I got everything that was electrical out of the water, and luckily I got to the fabrics or materials that belonged to customers before the water did.  Next I ran for the computer and other electronics, propping them up on the desk, chairs, whatever I could find.  A big stash- I mean a BIG STASH- of hoarded leftover fabrics were left to fend for themselves, and got themselves wet.  A lot of other stuff got wet, too.  By the time I was done, the water had reached most of my room, and my heartrate was about 190.  I can't believe I didn't have a heart attack.
It was a freak storm, a flash flood, and the normally more than adequate drainage was not up to the volume.  The management company immediately called in a crew to improve the drainage system and we haven't had a problem since, but when I was able to get back into the building to clean up, I bought tons of plastic bins and now everything that touches the floor is in a bin or on higher pallets.  However, the memory of that flood makes me very uneasy when the words "hurricane" or "nor'easter" start appearing in the weather forecast!

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