Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another project for our Busman's Holiday.....

These shades are for our nephew and his family.
I raided my own stash of fabric and found a two that worked well in their home and were nearly enough, but not quite, so I rummaged and found more fabrics to make 5" bottom bands to extend the length of the shade.  When the shades are raised, only 2.5" of banding shows, and I found that I really like the looks of this banding method. 
Maisie dances her way through her universe, and here flits before my camera just as I snap the picture......
This very striking fabric is hand-printed to order.
The polka-dot was a lucky find.  I have enough leftover to make a pillow.
For the dining room, a quilted cotton with a sort of starry Moroccan-looking geometric banding fabric:

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