Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Plaid Bias Banding

What's not to love about plaid banding on the bias, especially on a curved edge?

I do enjoy working with bias banding.  Visually I find it very appealing; but from a fabrication standpoint, it is just plain fun to do.  There are many ways to do binding, but here is how I did this 1" bias plaid banding, on these valances.

First, the band is cut to pattern, so the same part shows everywhere.
The face has been seamed together and cut to shape, and layered wrong sides together with the lining.  Then the band is sewn 1" up from the edge on the right side, easing evenly around the curves, and keeping an eagle eye on the seam guide to make sure it's even. 

The banding is pressed down over the face, easing in the fullness and getting the seam line nice and crisp.  At this stage it looks warped, but that's normal.

The banding is pressed to the back, again being careful to ease in fullness.  It's like magic how the band sort of snaps into place once it's all turned.  The distorted lines make weird swirls which I love.
The raw edge is turned under, pressed, and hand-sewn in place.  Here you can see that the horns were lined with the plaid even though they don't really show; but, just in case.

It's also acceptable to top-stitch the banding into place instead of hand-sewing, and sometimes fusibles or adhesives are best. 

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