Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Two medium-wide relaxed Romans

I'm just kicking myself today because I discovered that I sent out a 91" wide striped silk relaxed double-swoop roman shade with dog-ears, and I forgot to take a picture of it!
Also slipping out from under the camera lens, a 90" single swoop relaxed roman out of puckered faux silk, that one would never think would work, but did, beautifully.
Relaxed Romans are such an interesting topic in the workroom world, because truly every size and style is unique.   There are no firm rules, and every workroom has its own fabrication theory.

There are a number of different ways to create a relaxed look on a wider window.  These two relaxed romans are about the same width- about 70-75"- but treated very differently.

Here, small pleats add fullness to the double swoops.  There's 4" in the middle pleat, to let the stripe repeat continuously.  At each end is a little half-pleat, and no returns.   This is an unlined linen/cotton/poly blend. 

This relaxed roman shade/valance with dog ears and returns is about the same width as the shade above.  There is no added fullness, but the center droop is significant, partly because of the width, and partly because the fabric is heavier, and lined.


  1. Hi Your double swoop shade is lovely. Would you be able to give the instructions for me to duplicate the look but with blackout lining? My window is 72 inches wide by 67 ins high.

    1. You'd need to create the panel with additional width for half end pleats and a center pleat, and at least 21" additional in length for permanent pleats, with whatever fabrication method you usually use. I don't have written instructions for anything. You could check out the webinar at HomeDecGal for excellent fabrication instructions.