Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Victory Swag Valance

Victory swags are a casual version of Kingston swags on poles.   I send mine out hung on a cardboard tube so they don't get folded and crumpled.  This one is 130" wide with 7 swags and longish tails.  Here you see two sections sort of they way they'll look when installed.
The swags on the more formal Kingston valance are pleated, whereas the Victory valance swags are shirred.  I shirr mine by hand with a heavy button or upholstery thread.  We use our well-worn M'Fay patterns for Victory, Kingston, and Empire swags.
The pattern's intention is for the treatment to be stapled to a pole, but I just make my horns a little longer and hand-sew them to the back of the swags so the valance can be hung as if from tabs.
The horns are wider than the Kingston's, and they're lightly gathered where the buttons are attached.
All packed up and ready to go!


  1. Love the idea of using the fabric tube to deliver them on!

  2. Beautiful! I've always loved an open top.
    What kind of rod are they going on?

  3. This valance is going on a 1 3/8" wood pole, but I don't know what finish or any other details.
    For a 2" pole, it's important to remember to make the horns a little longer to accommodate the fatter pole.