Monday, November 11, 2013

Left to my own devices.....'s the sort of thing I might make for myself or for a friend or relative who shares my off-beat taste: as a matter of fact, I did make this, for our nephew's house.  They needed an inside mounted curtain for a doorway, so I rummaged through my fabric collection and found that this favorite embroidered cotton was perfect.
Happily, another awesome hoarded treasure worked wonderfully as a top band.  Folded in half lengthwise, the embroidered fabric was wide enough only if the selvedges were left on, so I ran rows of machine embroidery in complementary colors to fill in the wide solid area.  The selvedge had a natural fringe, which was very pretty and begged to be seen, so I left it on and did not turn it to the inside.  Lastly,  I raided my super-special trim drawer and found a little multicolored ribbon for small tabs.  This curtain always gets a lot of smiles!

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