Monday, November 4, 2013

Pattern placement

Pattern placement on window treatments is often left to the workroom's discretion.  Amongst the factors that need to be considered are the dominant motif vs the alternate motif, and color, shape, and tone.  How the pattern will be "read" when folded, draped, or pleated must be planned.
On a top treatment consisting of multiple sections, the rule of thumb is to make all the sections the same.  These five 60"  tailored valances, however, in a busy monochromatic print with a single center pleat each, will go around a pentagonal bay window area.  The ends will be butted up against each other, so the pattern going around the room  will be interrupted, which is why I thought that continuity of pattern on each individual valance was the most important factor in choosing my layout.   Tonal balance of light and dark was second most important.
By matching the pattern in the center, the same floral motif that is split at the center pleat also repeats at each end, balancing the darks at the ends.  This also allowed the bird and butterfly to be featured in the lighter centers of each section.  The two sections are not identical. 
The pieces were cut offset so the seam joining them would not be in the middle.
Under the center kick pleat, the fabric is smooth and continuous, the seam hidden in the fold.

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