Monday, December 23, 2013

Tall grommeted panels

In late October we received this shipment of fabrics, and on Friday we installed the completed window treatments for nearly the whole house, for designer Denise Wenacur.
The Greek key fabric has gotten a lot of positive attention from everyone who's seen it.
It made for classy and dramatic grommeted stationary panels in the living room, 126" long, with roman shades mounted inside the windows and the sliding door.
The hardware is the Aria line from Rowley Co.  We liked the fact that we could get simple hardware with clean lines, unobtrusive brackets, and matching grommets.  It arrived in two days!
The three-year-old daughter loved the splash of pink under the bright floral valance.
In the playroom, the leafy embroidery lends a serene note, especially on this winter's day.
A simple chenille dot on a neutral ground cuts the sun glare on the office computer monitor.
There were a few other treatments: a back door stretch panel; interior drapery to mask the laundry appliances; and a cute little shade for the powder room out of this pin-tucked fabric.
The next phase will be the master bedroom.  But first, Christmas and New Year's!  have a happy..............

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