Thursday, August 6, 2015

Contrast fabric banded shades

One of the big batches of shades made in June included six with contrast fabric banding.
Because they were three different widths and lengths for different areas of the room, I decided to make the tops all the same.
Most often I work from the bottom up when making multiple shades with a pattern, but for these, I cut the top first and then measured down for the bottom.  The fiber weave was coarse so I cut along the grainline and luckily the print was very consistent!
I saved the cutoff narrow strips for covering the boards later.  Whenever possible, I cut the board strips at the same time as the treatment, so I don't have to frantically rummage around for the fabric later.  I have a place where I keep all those strips so they'll be there on mounting day.
The rotary cutter was handy for cutting the banding strips.
I braced myself and did those dozen mitered corners!  Miters will never be in my comfort zone, but at least these look good even if they were torture.
I am constantly experimenting with how and where to place weight bars.  In this case, I chose to tack the covered weight bar at each ring.  Everybody has their own way to do weight bars; I have a dozen ways.  I have this thing about the weight bar being AT the bottommost rings; I just feel more comfortable about how the shade lifts.  So for these banded shades, this was the method.


  1. Lovely job. I don't like doing mitered corners either!

    1. Hey, Texan, sorry, your comments were over a week ago and just now popped up in my blog! Weird. Yeah, miter, the most-hated word in every workroom!

  2. Yes, I do my weight bars in so many different ways. I suppose as the way the shade dictates. Thank you for sharing so much. I adore your page and am so glad to have found so many educational resources lately. Thank you , thank you, thank you!