Monday, August 24, 2015

CWC Conference Class Schedule has been published!

Finally, the day has come- the Custom Workroom Conference class schedule has been announced!

The interest has been building, with details published just today, on Facebook as well as the website.
For readers who don't know about this, the CWC is the first workroom conference in quite a few years, and there will be classes, demonstrations, a vendor marketplace, and vendor demos, as well as a lot of networking with workroom professionals.  There are classes on everything from business to fabrication.
To view the full brochure, just click here.
The 3-day conference will be held in North Carolina at the end of February 2016.
And in case anyone wondered why I'm so excited about it, guess what, I'm one of the instructors!
This is my teaching debut, and I am thrilled to be in such amazing company: many of the industry's most respected educators will be at the conference as instructors.  Just look at the list of people participating in this effort- it's studded with awesome, talented teachers. 
My class is "Efficient Shade Making."  Because of this blog, I get comments, emails, and phone calls from people all over the country, who need help with their projects.  There are other workroom professionals as well as DIYers who read this blog and get in touch with me, whether it's for advice, or to show me projects they've done.  It is such a wonderful thing to be part of a web of talented and creative people who love to sew!
Anyhow, most of the inquiries that come my way are related to shades.  If you have been reading the blog the last few months, you know that Leatherwood Design Co has churned out a LOT of shades.  I've honed my methods, my decision-making process, and my set-up to enable me to fabricate shades with a great deal of efficiency, and that is what I'll be sharing in my class.
So, I hope you'll have a look at the brochure, and consider attending.  Whether you are interested in draperies, hand-sewing, details, business advice, installation help, shades, slipcovers, bedding, top treatments, designing, drafting, or a host of other topics, there is something for you at the CWC Conference!
My only regret is that I cannot attend all the classes myself as well........


  1. You will be a wonderful asset as a teacher at this conference! I will keep the conference in mind but doubt I will get to attend. If by chance I do, I will for sure look you up!! I got my ring cord locks ordered and a few other things from them, Thank You. I did purchase a lift system to experiment with... I decided that maybe this old dog needs to learn a new trick... maybe LOL... my decision on that is still out :O)....

  2. looking forward to your class! Hope I get in!

    1. Registration opens Sept 3 and it looks like the conference will fill up pretty quickly! Hope to see you there :)

  3. I hope to take your class. I've never commented, but you have helped me through many projects. Looking forward to the conference.

    1. Thanks, Liz, I'm glad the blog is helpful- it makes me very happy to hear that!
      I'm pretty excited about the conference..........
      Hope to see you there!