Thursday, August 20, 2015

French blackout with no pinholes of light

I have another way to eliminate pinholes of light in blackout shades.
These are French blackout lined.
As most of you know, French blackout is a sandwiching technique: face fabric, interlining, black sateen, and lining, which provides a lush product that is also blackout.  It can used for shades, draperies, or top treatments.   Here you can see the layers.  I've laid out two shades side by side on my gridded table.
Using a purple disappearing pen, I drew a grid on the back of the shade for ring placement.
At each attachment spot, I sewed the ring OVER a tiny "bandaid" of Silky Blackout lining.  You can see how the needle insertion points are staggered, so that the holes in the shade are blacked out by the "bandaid" and the hole in the "bandaid' is centered between those two points, so that all the holes are blacked out by another blackout layer.
I dabbed glue on each side of the bandaid to hold it down and neaten it up.
The bandaids are about the size of a Ring Lock, so they are barely noticeable.  What do you think of this?

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  1. Love it. Did you use the Fashion Wand and rod system too? Do you think this technique is lighter in weight than just using regular Black out lining?