Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I totally can't believe that I never posted pictures of the aprons I made for my friend Camille's two twenty-something daughters.  I've been trolling my photo album, pulling pictures for my PowerPoint presentation, and here were these aprons that I forgot to ever show off.
I had so much fun, slicing and appliqueing and topstitching.  And when I found the red twill tape at Joann Fabrics, I was overjoyed!

Emily is into goats.  Yeah, goats, and no one knows why, but, it makes it easy to create a themed gift for her!  With the help of Spoonflower, I found plenty of goat fabrics to make this fully reversible apron.
Claire studied Russian, lived in practically Siberia, and earned a Fullbright scholarship to Armenia, so I used this Spoonflower print of a popular Russian fairytale for the front of her apron.
I made these completely spontaneously.  Nothing was pre-planned; I just kept adding details until they felt done.  I had the most fun with the yokes. 
I got to incorporate some vintage trims that I've hoarded for decades.
I had a fat quarter of a matryoshka print to make some yoke banding and a pocket.  There's a strip of another cherished vintage trim on Claire's.
I cut out Armenia from a map fabric to use as a pocket for Claire's.
There were just enough scraps of Emily's Three Billy Goats Gruff fabric to make a pocket.
 I love ric-rac, and I love red.  What can I say.
Skinny slices of a few prints made ribbon-like borders.

And I love topstitching.  Especially red topstitching.
Yes, someday there will be an apron for Camille, too.

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