Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pleating to Pattern- Roman shade style

When there is a bottom trim on a shade you want to pleat to pattern, it's easiest to do a little mockup to see how the pleats will fall.  The best ring and pattern placement might not be what at first seems to be the obvious.  I was glad I made a template before committing myself with this pattern:
I used a cut-off selvedge to make my template so that all 3 shades would match.  I also wanted a complete circle, not a section of a circle, at the top.  Luckily all 3 shades were the same size.
Something to look out for when marking for rings to pattern is take-up.  Here you can see that the pattern on the tabled shade is a bit shrunken compared to the selvedge.  I adjusted my ring mark placement to correspond to the fabric after tabling.
These shades were perfect for this home.  I was completely satisfied with the outcome!
Little return flaps hide the clutch.

The clutch was fitted with an antique brass bead chain loop and a brown tension device that blends in with the wood.
Everyone was happy when this was installed!  Especially me.


  1. These look great! Excellent planning. Are there ribs in these ?