Thursday, April 21, 2016

Efficient fabrication of multiple shades

Five small shades JUST fit sideways on my gridded table, so to streamline fabrication, I laid them all out at once and pretended I was making one very wide shade.  I rolled out the fabric, which was being railroaded, and sliced.

A straightedge helped me use the grid to center the pattern on each shade.
We completed each step on all five shades before moving to the next step.  Besides being the fastest way, it was also the best way to ensure consistency.
The excess bulk on the sides of the hem was trimmed out, and the bottom prepared before lining was added.
Fusible buckram from Rowley was trimmed to size and fused to the hem.  That helps to keep the bottom straight.
Weight bar tube was run across all five shades and secured. 
We worked our way across the table, laying in the lining and finger-pressing the side hems.
Then we worked our way back to the beginning, securing the side hems and folding up the bottoms.
We used the straightedge and gridded canvas to mark for rings, and since we could see the pattern through the lining, it was easy to be sure that all five were being marked in the same way.
Time to sew rings!

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