Friday, April 1, 2016

Short Stories, Volume 2, and Fab Fabric Friday

Short Stories today!
Have you ever seen a contour gauge?  It's like a metal comb, used to capture the silhouette of shaped objects.  Best place to find this: local mom and pop hardware stores.
I used mine recently to document the silhouette of this crown molding.  After taking down that valance, we'll be mounting a flat roman shade all the way up.  It will have a faux top following the molding shape, with a dropped dustboard for the clutch.  Look for it here in about 3-4 weeks.
The most important tip I can share is this: trace that silhouette onto paper BEFORE you put the contour gauge away, so the shape doesn't get lost in your bag!
Next story: 5 pillows, micro-welted with delicious shimmering silk, for Monica Plotka Design.
On the subject of pillows- how about these lemon drop pillows?  The fabric is from DesignTex, and made from 100% recycled fibers?  This fabric comes in a lot of yummy colors; click the link to see them, and while you're there, read about this company's mission and products.
See how substantial this fabric is?  Yet it was like butter to sew.
These pillows are 26x26 with oversize 100% down inserts

On the subject of fab fabric, this ikat silk made up into scrumptious flat romans.
Happy Weekend, everyone!

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